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We Built These City
Lessons from Paul's Missionary

Set Apart a.k.a Chosen

Have you been chosen for something?

Paul-One man was set apart, to preach, chosen to suffer for His name.

Acts 9:1-2 - The threats
Acts 9:3-5 - The flashed light
Acts 9:11-14 - The reputation
Acts 9:15-16 - The chosen one
Acts 9:20-22 - The preaching

Why such drastic change?
Answer in Paul's letters:
Romans 1:1 NIV
1 Corinthians 1:1 NIV
Galatians 1:1 NIV
Galatians 1:15 NIV
1 Thessalonians 1:4 NIV
Titus 1:1 NIV

Called, setapart, sent, chosen, elect

Do you believe still? That you are chosen, that you are set apart

Chosen To Preach
Romans 15:19-20 NIV - One goal one ambition
2 Corinthians 6:3-10 NIV - One life one mission
Acts 13:1-3 NIV - Set apart

Chosen to Preach:
Mark 1:17 NIV
Matthew 28:19-20 NIV
Mark 16:15 NIV
John 15:16 NIV
Matthew 5:14 NIV

Malaysia needs the true gospel
Go anywhere do anything give up everything

For many are invited but few are chosen -Matthew 22:14 NIV