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Build Bridges not Wall
Jimmy Bong

Which is the Most Challenging?

1. Obedience to God's Teachings?
2. Overcoming Sins and Temptations?
3. Relationship With One Another?

What is a Church? A building?
1 Corinthias 12:12-31
The body of Christ

There are many parts, yet one body - 1 Corinthians 12:20

We (men & women) are:
a. Different
b. Emotional
c. Sensitive

1. Bridge Connects

Symbols of a bridge
-It connects
-It reaches out
-It's about friendship
-It brings people together

What will happen of bridges were never built?

2. Walls Separate

Symbols of a wall
-It divides
-It separates
-It disconnects
-It shows hostility

Isaiah 59:1-2

Why build walls?
Fear, pride, mistrust, insecurity, defensive.

Break those walls and continue to build the bridges

3. Building the Bridges
of Connection, acceptance & vulnerability

What have you been building?