Jesus Embraced Obedience
Rooted In Prayer
Hope Sunday
Powerful & Effective Prayer
Essence Of Prayer
Prayer Of Obedience
God Answers Prayers
Childlike Prayer
Prayer Of A Righteous
An Encouragement For Prayer
Plug Into The Power Of Prayer
Fragrant Incense
Something Happens When Gods People Pray
Rooted In Prayer
Call To Commitment
Capturing Gods Dream
Growth And Development
Rooted In Him - Love
Working On Our Life Pattern 2
Building For God
Spiritual Journey
I Chose You
Do Not Grieve By The Holy Spirit
My Dad My Hero
Walking In Christ
Identity In Christ
Working On Our Life Pattern
Dare To Be Different
Tender Love
Be Still
Our Heart Is The Field
Spirit Lead
Sound Doctrine Session 2(a)
Sound Doctrine Session 2(b)
Sound Doctrine Session 2(c)
Sound Doctrine Session 2(d)
Sound Doctrine Session 1
Drive Our Roots Deep Into Scripture
The Deeper We Go The Higher We Grow
Deeply And Consciously Rooted
A People Of Biblical Convictions
Rooted In God's Word
The True Gift Of Christmas
Taking Stock Of My Life
Before The Cross
Refining Our Pursuit With God IV
It Is Never A Waste
Loving God
The Gospel Of Jesus
Refining Our Pursuit With God 3
Refining Our Time For God
Doing Life God's Way
House Of God
Refining Our Acts of Service
Listen To My Voice
Refining Our Pursuit with God (Part 2)
Why Do You Follow
Planning For Eternity
Made To Thrive
Refining Our Pursuit With God
Jesus Talking About You
Make A Wish
Journey With God
Made To Follow
Refining Our Relationship With God III
Come Follow Me
Refined Within
Refined For God
Refining The Mission
The Story Of Us
This Is Why We Worship
All The King's Daughters
Running with the Vision of God
Refining Our Relationship With God I
Not On Bread Alone
Refining Our Attitude - Choose Joy Part 2
Refining Our Calling
The Supremacy of Jesus
Refining Our Attitude - Choose Joy
Finish Strong
Let Us Build - Part 7
Let Us Build - Part 6
Let Us Build - Part 5
Let Us Build - Part 4
Let Us Build - Part 3
Let Us Build - Part 2
Let Us Build - Part 1
A New Hope
Refining Our Growth
Refining Our Attitude II
Refining Our Attitude
Refining 123
Refining Our Focus